About Our Family


Writer, foodie, runner, singer, bread baker, wife, mom…some of the hats I wear most often. I love to cook with anyone who will come over and cook with me. Even more, I love to eat! I’m very interested in health and nutrition and I’m constantly striving to achieve balance, not just with food, but in life in general. To get an idea of who I am and where I came from food-wise, check out my blog article How I Came To The Broccoli Philosophy. My favorite meals to make and eat together are broiled, bone-in pork chops with spaetzle & gravy and/or saag paneer.


Woodworker, grill master, senior sous chef extraordinaire and charcuterie expert…when Jim is not busy with one of these, he is doing his insurance thing. A connoisseur of beer and creator of delicious sausages, he is always ready for something delicious. His favorite meals to make and eat together are smoked Gouda mac and cheese (a great way to use leftover pulled pork!) and chicken marsala.


Reader, sixth grader, soccer player, tiny dancer and junior sous chef extraordinaire…Madeline loves to help with dinner rolls, boxty, meatballs, and more. A carnivore to the core, her favorite meals include lamb roast, any of Dad’s sausages, chicken vindaloo with nan and Italian pot roast with gnocchi. That said, her two birthday requests from Mom are tortellini with pesto and Schiacciata. (Unless she’s at *Gogo’s house, then it’s hands-down FRIED CHICKEN!)

*Grandma on Mom’s side


Lover of people, running partner to Katie and all-around best friend… Aspen is a white Lab and Husky mix who only eats when she’s hungry. Well, she only eats dog food when she’s hungry. Otherwise, watch out, because she is a sly thief of anything delicious left on the counter or in her reach. Oh, and her favorite meal is stolen raw boxty. Record number stolen in one evening:  14, St. Paddy’s Day 2017 – she ate the whole batch!