Meat & Poultry

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Shepherd’s Pie

We look forward to this Shepherd's Pie made from leftover roast and mashed potatoes almost as much as the roast meal itself! It is great served up in a larger baking dish, but we like to portion it out into individual size crocks. To do so, form the mashed potatoes by...

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Jim’s Italian Sausage

Jim's Italian Sausage is so versatile and handy to have around! This recipe makes about 5 pounds of sausage, most of which we freeze in smaller amounts for later use. A couple of our favorite recipes are Italian Sausage Manicotti and Mom's Spaghetti Sauce. Also, you...

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Curried Chicken and Rice

This is an original from our family! It's roots are in a side dish that had just wild rice and a wonderful curry sauce made with egg yolks and half and half. The result is a kind of custard surrounding the other ingredients. To evolve this into a main course dish we...

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Cajun Chicken Pasta

We came up with this dish while trying to recreate a fantastic pasta that I had at a restaurant in New Orleans years ago. I think we came pretty close! For a long time the kiddo would not touch it. Perhaps it was too spicy. Recently, however, she has done a complete...

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These savory meatballs are fun to make together and delicious for dinner tonight or next week! Ingredients for Meatballs 3/4 lb Ground Beef 3/4 lb. Ground Pork 1/2 Cup Toasted Bread Crumbs 2/3 Cup Milk 1 Teaspoon Kosher Salt 1.5 Teaspoons Fresh Thyme, chopped 2 Egg...

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