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Our favorite Thanksgiving recipes, all in one place!

A Book for the Season

Every Thanksgiving I look forward to getting out this gem of a book from my childhood. Grandmothers Cranberry Bread recipe in the back is an added bonus!

Day After Thanksgiving Panini

This turkey panini puts a new twist on the leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich. The cranberry relish adds a nice sweet, tartness while the melty fontina cheese offers richness and flavor variation.

Featured Recipe

Jim’s Texas Chili

The tradition of chili on Halloween started with my parents when my sister and I were growing up. It is the perfect meal...

More Recipes From Our Kitchen…

Table Talk

Introducing EATS Reads Discussion Board

Introducing EATS Reads Discussion Board

Did you ever read a book so delicious you couldn’t put it down? A book that propelled you to the market for ingredients to make some exotic dish that was so eloquently described that your mouth watered? Or a book that found you leafing through your recipe cards for...

EATS Reads 10 Delicious Book Picks

Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, all these books are fantastic reads! If you’ve already read them, or after you do, come on over to our EATS Reads discussion board and share your thoughts.    Chocolat by Joanne Harris The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan Fried Green...

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Lessons in the Garden

The trees are budding and the sprouts are in the windowsill, soon it will be time to plant our garden. Below is a brief history of my "gardening" life. Do you grow things to eat in the summer? What do you grow and why? I'd love to learn from your experiences! I grew...

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